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Simply Serve Phoenix. Home services.

Our Mission

"Founded to eliminate hassle and fall risks, while performing necessary home maintenance tasks, elderly assistance, home services, and home monitoring & care."

S I M P L Y  S E R V E

Falls are the number #1 leader in loss of independence in the active adult community and are #2, only to car accidents, regarding accidental deaths. We were founded to reduce this drastically.

It is our mission to take responsibility for those inconvenient but necessary home maintenance items that typically require a ladder or elevated surface in order to service. We are here to eliminate hassle and prolong independence while reducing energy and improving home air quality.

Simply Serve Phoenix. Home services.

Next Steps...
Please reach out today and schedule your first service or free in-home consultation. We look forward to serving you.

Air Filter Replacement Home Service

Air Filter Replacement

We supply and replace our clients with a choice of quality air filter...

Smoke Alarm Batteries Home Service

Smoke Detector Maintenance

No more chirps in the middle of the night or unnecessary calls...

Light Bulb Replacement Home Service

Light Bulb Replacement

Any burnt out light bulbs will be replaced during the scheduled service...

Home Care and Watch

Home Care & Watch

We are already in the neighborhood! Let us worry about your home...

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